I’m sure some of you are curious about the current happenings of the crazy Henrys this week. Where should I start? Well, these are the current places where we resideRVing..

and this house is where we are supposed to reside.house

As some of you know, this house was donated to us around 2 years ago, but a new septic system was needed for our house and Trinity Aviation Academy’s dorms. So, we have not been able to occupy the house for the past 2 years. God has been gracious with us though, and we have also not had to pay rent anywhere for these years either. Praise God! Well, we are back on site, working on the rest of what is needed to occupy the house. Our friends the Cooks have been a huge help to us recently, since really Tad is not as good at doing things like this…

backhoeas he is doing things like this…10628214_901542306542490_621402268315837872_n

Things are now moving along, but slower than we would want. This is mostly because we are waiting on permits. Permits, permits, permits. I’m not even sure now how long it has been taking for the permits to cut down trees. This has gone back and forth from the city, the DNR, and I think even the Lorax has had a say in this. Please pray for this to come through soon, and for the rest of the permitting to move quickly! Click here to see all our current prayer needs.

In life beyond construction, our 10 year old had some profound words after soccer practice last night. She told me that many of the kids of the team were not listening to the coach. I asked her what she thinks she should do about that. Should she ask her teammates to listen more? “No”, she replied, “then that just makes more noise. I think my job is just to be quiet and listen to Coach. Then maybe the other kids will see me doing this and they will be quiet so they can hear Coach too.” Hmmm…I think this is a good principle to apply as Christ followers. Sometimes, even though people are doing wrong, our course of action is to be quiet. Then maybe others will see this in us and be quiet too. Then maybe they will be able to hear the Lord too. Are you making so much noise that it stops others from hearing Coach?


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