Mission Monday-Top Secret!

It’s Monday!  We would like to share with you some of what is going on with our friends that are serving God on the field in the States and abroad on Mondays.  So first, we bring to you one of our very favorite young missionaries– our eldest daughter Saige.  She has had a very distinct call on her heart since the tender age of 3 to serve the Lord full time in missions.  She has served on two short term mission trips to Jamaica in the past.  Her goal is to serve in Asia, and she even took Mandarin as her high school foreign language (we were of no help at all). She is currently in California going through a Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission.  Here is her most recent update:

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks! The team from Freedom River Outreach (my home church) was here to teach Living Free and Original Design, which is understanding who God created you to be and how to defeat the things that come against us walking in that freedom. This wasn’t really “new” to me, but in a way I felt like it was. I kept making new discoveries in the teaching that I hadn’t realized before, and it was really cool to see things in my original design that have already been spoken over me, as well as discover some new things.

The next week was Brent Lokker on the Fatherheart of God. He really emphasized how we are God’s children and He wants us to look to Him as a Father, as well as value ourselves as God values us. I had new revelation of how much God loves and values me, and was very blessed by what Brent had to say and how he said it. He related to each of us personally, as a father would, which was an example of how God wants to relate to us.

This past week was our New Wine Tasting Tour. No, it’s not what it sounds like…the title is a metaphor for the new things we received and took part in – tasted – during the tour. The first place we went was Berkeley for The Call, which was a full twelve hours of praying and fasting on behalf of our region. There were hundreds of people gathered to intercede together for too many things to mention to happen in our nation. It was hot, tiring, and loud, but amazing! To see so many people enduring the heat, most of whom were going without food, and pouring themselves out to God for America for twelve hours was so incredible it’s almost indescribable. Our team was exhausted by (and before) the end, but God definitely worked in and through all of us.

Then we were off to YWAM Chico for The Presence Gathering, where several YWAM bases from the Northern California area gathered to bask in God’s presence and hear what He’s saying to us. It was wonderful to worship, learn, and fellowship with other DTS students and YWAMers.

We topped it all off with the Open Heavens conference at Bethel Church in Redding. God revealed himself in some really cool ways, and everyone had some sort of encounter with Him. We also had several healings in the Bethel Healing Rooms, including my own. The back of my leg had been giving me pain when I stretched it, which was affecting my dancing. I had it prayed for, stretched, and the pain was gone!

Oh, and by the way… we know our outreach location! Ready?  Well, actually the location can’t be shared publicly on the internet, so to find out more leave a reply or message with your e-mail and you will get the top secret e-mail that reveals all the details.

We are all behind her lifting her up daily in prayer!

We are all behind her lifting her up daily in prayer!


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