Throwback Thursday-Fundraising: more e-mails from Him

Last week I shared with you how the Lord used a “wrong” e-mail to give us the courage for Tad to step away from his job and begin on this journey into full time ministry. Next, we began praying and fundraising. It was hard! The economy was bad, and people just didn’t have the money to give. God did though! It’s really all His money anyway, isn’t it? We had some amazing provision come in. Some from churches, some from friends and family, and some in unexpected ways.

One afternoon, I was making a list of pastors that we wanted to inform about what we were about to do, when a man walked up our front walkway. If you know us, you know we lived way out in the sticks, so this was highly unusual. He was dressed up with a tie too. I figured his car had broken down, and he needed some help, so I went out to see what I could do. Well, it turns out, he was sent to help us. He was a local pastor that was walking to all the surrounding houses to tell people about some events happening at his church. We got to talking, and I shared with him what God was doing in our lives. The next thing you know, he invited us to come speak! 1916411_742932300674_4925677_nThat was so encouraging!

We weren’t always feeling encouraged though. The Lord never failed to send people around to brighten our spirits. Even strangers. Even strangers with “wrong e-mails” (yes, again!) I received an e-mail for a Hope Henry, but not me. It was someone trying to connect with someone they had attended Bible college with. I replied that they had the “wrong” e-mail, but we were believers too and then told a little about what God had called us to do. They responded to tell us that they were also in aviation missions, and that they got started in missions with YWAM (Youth With a Mission). Wow! Really? They sent us a link to their blog, and shared that they were 90% supported and headed overseas soon. This happened just when we were feeling like it was impossible to be fully funded. Isn’t God good!


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