Kangaroos in Kentucky-Our Homeschooling Adventures

Wow!  I have been homeschooling kids for about 14 years.  I managed to graduate our eldest daughter and now there are only 3 left.  Well, closer to 2 because our son spends his mornings working on his own or with his dad and then takes 3 classes at the local high school.  Then we squeeze in ASL at some point during his day.

Most days, schooling goes pretty smoothly, but then there are days I wonder if I am a complete failure.  For example, I was reviewing the 7 continents with the girls one day and Faith kept forgetting Australia, so I gave her the hint that it is where kangaroos live.  She that look on her face that says, “Yea!  I remember!”,  and looked up at me excitedly and responded confidently with “Kentucky!”  I cracked up and haven’t had the heart to tell her she is wrong yet.  I mean, I’m sure there are some kangaroos in a zoo in Kentucky, right?

Then, a few days ago, Lydia threw her head down on the table and whined, “All this learning is ruining me!”  So, maybe I am ruining their little lives by making them learn things.  Nah!  It’s good for them, like vegetables.  Actually, this was pretty funny because over the years as a home school mom I have learned to relax and not to push them to do things they aren’t ready for.  If they are getting too stressed, we take a field trip or a hike.  They learn a lot from the students and other staff here when they go out to the hangar or take a backhoe ride too.

Most importantly, through them being a part of ministry with us they are learning how to serve and live like Christ.  They know how to pray for people. By watching them, it helps us all to have that childlike faith we are all called to have.  If they grow up and think that kangaroos live in Kentucky, but have Christ living in their hearts I have done my job well.

Our field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Our field trip to the pumpkin patch.


Our cookie cake map of Egypt. Hershey kisses make great pyramids!


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