Missions Monday-Peachy Keenes

cropped-keene-family-6192I can’t remember when we first met the Keene family, but we grew to love them fast.  Our eldest daughters were near the same age, and connected quickly.  Probably because they were going through similar experiences as both sets of parents went through schools with Youth With a Mission.  We met shortly after our school and right before they left for theirs.  I remember their eldest, Shawna, feeling nervous about leaving her friends.  Several of the kids that were there were from YWAM families.  They responded with, “You will get used to it, and quickly make friends everywhere you go.”  It looks like she is making friends in Thailand!

Shawna with some new friends in Thailand.

Shawna with some new friends in Thailand.


On their return to Washington, they boldly stepped out in faith to raise the money to serve in Thailand full time.  They blessed us by showing us how to live a life of faith.  They would do crazy things like get in the van to go across the country without quite knowing how they would pay for things along the way.  It was a sad/happy day this summer when we told them goodbye for 4 years.  Sad because we would miss them, and happy because they were going to do what God had called them to.  Our girls often say they miss their son Jayben, and were sad to realize they would be teens when they saw him again.  But enough of the weepy stuff.  I should give you all a chance to get to know them better…

As of 2014, Brian and Becky have been married 19 years (in spite of Brian being from Ohio and Becky having lived in Michigan) and have four wonderful children, Shawna 18, Jarod 13, Jayben 9 and Justyn 4. They moved to Thailand in September of 2014, where they will be discipling young Thai Christians to reach Thailand and neighboring countries for Christ as well as working in Human trafficking prevention. They are partnering with YWAM Thailand in Chiang Mai to pioneer a ministry school to train the next generation of Christian Thai leaders for ministry.

I messaged Becky to find out how we can pray for them. She wrote, “Besides the truck, our biggest barrier to ministry is the language. We are enrolling in language school later this week, but getting to the school is tricky. We are really excited to begin training and discipling Thais, but if we can’t communicate we are kinda stuck. So pray for us to grasp the language quickly and finances for a vehicle.”

To further get to know this awesome family serving the Lord in Thailand, check out their website at http://keeneskorner.net/557256_345917392150307_1628315187_n



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