Missions Monday-The Swineford Family

Today, I am featuring a family that is a part of Trinity Aviation alongside of us. Andy Swineford is an FAA certificated aircraft mechanic, commercial pilot, and flight instructor. He has been volunteering his time as both flight instructor and mechanic at Trinity for the past few years. He married Ruth in May 2009, and has a daughter Esther and two sons Isaac and Zebedee.Swineford kids

Great things are happening at Trinity Aviation Academy.  I love working there and helping students to get ready for the mission field. I love that the school wants to get them there as soon as possible and for as little cost as possible. We want them to be on fire for God and not just pilots. I want to be a missionary pilot myself and I have had a long road.


I started schooling back in 1994 at Prairie Bible College, but the costs were causing me to go into more debt than I wanted to. I worked as a mechanic for a few years, and then got laid off in 2001. So, next I joined the military and had 6.5 years of active duty. Next, I went back to school for my advanced flight ratings, which I finished two years ago. It has been 20 years and counting. These years have made me very passionate about helping those who God has called be able to answer that call.  Swinefords   

They plan to start fundraising to go international at the end of next year.  Although we will miss them, it will be great to see them fulfilling God’s call after such a long journey.  To learn more about them, check out their blog at http://andyruthy.blogspot.com/



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