Missions Monday-Update on Saige

Recently the Discipleship Training School (DTS) spent our Saturday in Santa Rosa doing evangelism with a local church. We split up into small teams, mixing those from the DTS with the ones from the church. It was great getting to work with a blend of people, and some amazing things happened! My team personally talked to and prayed for four people, and some of them were especially open. Their eyes lit up when we smiled and asked them how their day was, and their faces shone as we prayed for needs they had. The last person was a very sweet elderly lady who in turn prayed for and blessed us. The lady encouraged us in what we were doing and expressed that she wanted to see more young people like us – bold and willing to reach out to others.10168055_10152876003329810_4372306625684135720_n We do things like this every week – usually here in Mendocino – and the DTS feels that this is preparing us for our overseas outreach. We’re not sure what’s going to happen while we’re overseas, but I know it’s going to be extraordinary! I can’t wait to tell you mind-blowing stories about everything God has done.
I had just enough money to meet the first deadline for outreach! Thank you to everyone who has given. We are in the process of applying for visas and buying plane tickets, so I do need the rest ($3,500) as soon as possible. Please be praying for that to come in.

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