Grrr…My blog disappeared

See, no blog up here!

See, no blog up here!

Well,  I had written a great Throwback Thursday blog all about how faithful God has been to us since our house was donated, but somehow it got lost in the “cloud”.   Even though I live with a pilot, he didn’t think he would find it by flying around and checking out the clouds for it.  So, to make a long story short, like me… God is faithful!  A couple years back, we were praying for God to increase our income, and instead, God decreased our outgo through the donation of a house that we moved onto the property at Trinity Aviation Academy.  The house we are still waiting to be able to live in.  But even though it hasn’t worked out how we expected, we haven’t had to pay rent anywhere, so God did lower our expenses.

Currently, we are living in an RV at the flight school, while finishing construction out here, and it’s not always fun.  Today though, I realized that we are gravitating to the hangar more.  That is so like God.  Make us a little uncomfy in our small space so we hang out more with the other staff and students.  It’s really cool, because even our younger girls are enjoying seeing the planes being worked on.  Today, we played with a circle plotter.  That was fun!  ( I have no real idea what it is for)

Even though when the going gets tough, it is human nature to withdraw and hide, we are building relationships through our hardships.  Galations 2 says “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”  How has God used a tough time in your life to draw you into forming more of a relationship with His body of believers?


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