Missions Monday/Throwback-Fairy Rings in the Shire

This was something I wrote after my first trip to the Lord’s Land. I am super excited that I have an excuse to visit again.  This is where our daughter, Saige has been for her DTS  (Discipleship Training School), and we are leaving Wednesday to see her for Christmas.  God spoke to me the last time I visited, and I am sure He will again this time.  I am sure I will have much to share when we return home…until then, Merry Christmas!!!   

We had a very blessed time in California at the Lord’s Land! We got to have great times of worship and prayer with old and new friends at the Shine conference. It was so awesome to worship God in the forest!

The Lord's Land

The Lord’s Land

I was drawn to this place when I first heard about it 3.5 years ago during DTS. I knew I was supposed to go, and am so glad to have finally made it. It resembles the Shire from the Lord of the Rings, and like the Shire it is a place of refuge until people are called out from there on grand adventures. What an amazing place with such an awesome history. You can read all about it at http://ywammendocino.org/?page_id=67 . Yes, this was hippie land! I was amazed to learn about how our modern Christian music and many churches came out of the movement of the “Jesus Freaks”. Young people obeying the voice of the Lord, doing things most of society deemed crazy changed our entire Christian culture. Seems like we could use some more “Jesus Freaks” today. But that type of obedience comes with some serious sacrifice. You have to be willing to go through some fire.

Speaking of fire, I noticed that lots of the giant redwood stumps in the area were charred. I asked if there had been a forest fire and learned that the redwoods are really hard to kill. If you chop them down to clear some land, they will just grow back again. In fact, if you are not careful, they will send out offshoots that will grow all around the parent tree in what is called a “fairy ring”. The only way to kill one of these giants is to burn them. Hmm…sounds a lot like sin. If you just cut it down it will grow back, and often it will bring more problems with it. The only way to truly have victory over the sin in your life is to allow God to burn it out with his consuming fire. Hebrews 12 talks about God disciplining us as an act of love. He is treating us as His sons…(you should go read the whole chapter). Are you willing to allow the Lord to burn down the sin giants in your life?

Please lift up the ministers on the Lord’s Land in your prayers. Especially our good friends the Cook family. David Cook is in the process of restoring the famous woodbutcher cabin. This cabin was built by a man named Tomas (wearing nothing but a tool belt). The original building was done without any nails. (cause if you are building in the buff, nails could be really bad:) This is the cabin where many were originally led to the Lord. Well, as David assessed the work that needed to be done on this cabin, he noticed that over time the foundation has rotted. So, of course he took on the challenge of repairing it. We were so blessed to see the work David and his son Michael have done in repairing the foundation. David is a carpenter, but also a true minister. (sounds like a different carpenter I know) The whole Cook family is called to mend up any foundations that need repaired in buildings and in lives. The foundations must be solid before the rest can be rebuilt.

So, how is your foundation? Do you need some fire?


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