We had a great time spending Christmas in Mendocino, CA with Saige and some dear friends.

We made it

We made it

We met new people who are on the way to becoming dear friends too.  We drove, danced, explored, opened gifts, gave gifts, shared meals, and prayed for and with others.  It was honestly the best Christmas since we left Ohio!

Before we left, I was looking for a new camera.  Since my smart phone broke, we decided to make due with dumb phones to cut down on our budget a bit.  That left me without a decent camera.  The day before we left, a good friend (and professional photographer) took me out to help me get a camera.  Then, she shocked and blessed me by paying for it.  I posted a whole album of pictures on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/6wingsoffire)

After we stepped out into missions, our Christmas traditions changed a bit.  One new one that we love and were able to continue on our trip was including someone outside our family in our Christmas celebration.  This year, we got to meet and share our Christmas with Rebekah.  She is a young lady that was in the DTS with Saige.  Her family serves full time in Haiti.  That was a little too far to fly home for Christmas, so we got to bring Christmas to her and share it in this cute little cabin http://ywammendocino.org/faith-cabin  So much fun!


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