Missions Monday-We Adopted from China!

One thing that we have had the joy of doing since we branched out into missions was to get to know people from other cultures, and offer them hospitality.  Five years ago, during our training in Colorado, we got to know and love a young lady named Mandy from China.  (Hong Kong to be exact)  She took time out of her day to teach some Mandarin to Saige, and she loved playing with our younger girls.

This is from 5 years ago, when we first met Mandy.  It was her first time making "snow people".

This is from 5 years ago, when we first met Mandy. It was her first time making “snow people”.

Well, in the past 5 years, the Lord has used Mandy all across the world in 18 countries!  She has staffed Discipleship Training Schools and counseling schools, and received training in Biblical Counseling and inner healing ministry.  Now, she is staying with us again to rest up before she staffs a pioneering counseling school in Salem, Oregon.  It is always fun to have her around!  (Especially since she brought us chocolate from Switzerland and Germany)  She is like another family member, so we have adopted her.  She is now our newest family member!

The vision the Lord has given her is to ignite hope, extinguish darkness, and awaken destinies!  She sees there is a broken reality people are struggling with.  People listen to different voices in regards to the expectations of culture, peers, and families.  People try to live how others expect of them, and lose sight of the dreams the Lord gave them (often when they were little).  We find ourselves not being who we are supposed to be because we strive so much, we lose our peace.  Also, because of past hurts in our lives, we get stuck in the past places and can’t move on to do what God is calling us to do.  We feel like we are inadequate and failing.  Much of this has been part of Mandy’s personal journey in life.

When Mandy was small she was not accepted by her father.  He preferred boys.  This caused many struggles during her teen years.  She felt hopeless and helpless.   Then God gave her a revelation that He had a place for her, where she can truly be herself.  He wanted her to come be with Him, find rest, and become who He created her to be.  This gave her hope for her life, and the courage to travel across the world with YWAM.

This is an open handed invitation the the Lord is extended to everyone.  God has a special place for you.  A place where your unique gifts and talents can shine.  Yes, even you!

10440689_10152517655700185_801645342918588252_n (1)

The transformation God did in Mandy’s life has been amazing!   God is not just working in her, He is working through her.   He is now using the healing He has brought to her life by bringing others to her so she can walk along side them while God brings healing to their lives.

To learn more about Mandy and her ministry,  you can visit her blog at http://mandycafe.wordpress.com/about/ or subscribe to her newsletter at http://eepurl.com/Su-RX


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