Are you doing your part in 2015?

bible-SunlightMatthew 6:14-15 “In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do. You can’t get forgiveness from God, for instance, without also forgiving others. If you refuse to do your part, you cut yourself off from God’s part.”

This was a verse out of a passage of scripture I was reading for my quiet time recently and it got me thinking.  Am I doing my part?  I think I do pretty well on the forgiving others thing.  I can’t really think of anyone I am harboring unforgiveness towards right now, but what about the rest?

Well, one area that is easy to try to skip out of my part is in giving.  The Bible teaches us to give 10% of our earnings.  If those earnings are small, it is easy to not want to give it.  And what about people like us who don’t actually have earnings, but we receive our income based on other peoples giving?  Should we give 10% of what people gave to us away?  It’s easy to think we don’t have to, but I don’t think that is quite right.

During our training time in Colorado, we learned that if every Christian gave $1 we could fund just about all the current missionaries that are currently in the field. I couldn’t find an exact quote on that, but did find this interesting find of what would happen if believers were to increase their giving to a minimum of 10% from Relevant magazine.  “There would be an additional $165 billion for churches to use and distribute. The global impact would be phenomenal. Here’s just a few things the Church could do with the kind of money:

  • $25 billion could relieve global hunger, starvation and deaths from preventable diseases in five years.
  • $12 billion could eliminate illiteracy in five years.
  • $15 billion could solve the world’s water and sanitation issues, specifically at places in the world where 1 billion people live on less than $1 per day.
  • $1 billion could fully fund all overseas mission work.
  • $100 – $110 billion would still be left over for additional ministry expansion.”

Wow!  That’s pretty amazing!  That’s if we just do our minimum part.  This verse helped remind me to remember to do my part.  I want to increase my giving this year.  If I don’t do this, I will be cutting myself off from God’s part.  The Bible promises us in Malachi that if we tithe, He will open Heaven’s windows and pour out a blessing so big there will not be room to contain it.  That is God’s part.  Does this mean that if I give, I will be given finances in return.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe the little I can give today will open up the way for others to go into the mission field.  Maybe it will help a little boy have enough food to eat tonight.  Maybe it will help my pastor keep doing the good work God has set out for him to do.  Maybe I won’t receive any more funds than I have right now, and in fact I may have less since I gave some.  But all in all, I will be richer.  My relationship with God will grow deeper due to my obedience.

There are all kinds of reasons not to give, and I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty.  I just want to encourage you do to your part.  I intend to do mine.


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