My Number One Ministry-Missions Monday

Well, a question I am often asked is what I am doing in the ministry.  I don’t know why people don’t think I am training pilots.  Just kidding!  That would be a major accident waiting to happen.  I do go to morning prayer when I am able, but Lydia has always been an early riser and loves to spend that time with me.   I try to say a kind and encouraging word to our students when I get the chance, but the last year or so I have often wondered if that was enough.  I have spent time seeking God to find out what my role with the ministry should be, and recently I have felt like I have received the answer.  Are you ready for it?

The role I am called to is to be a mother.  Shocking, I know.  It is the same role I have had for the past 18 years or so, and I think maybe when I see other women who manage to be a mother and be involved in ministry I wonder if I am doing enough.  The Lord really showed me that I am.  Motherhood is truly a mission field.  I am feeding and clothing people.  I am often dealing with language barriers.  I mean, have you tried to talk to a 16 year old boy recently?  I am teaching others about Christ.  I am educating them so that one day they can be self-sustaining.  I am often involved in medical missions of some sort-broken bones, stitches, and the flu.

I couldn't find a picture with all four children, so I thought this one was appropriate.

I couldn’t find a picture with all four children, so I thought this one was appropriate.

This mission field may actually be one of the toughest ones around, because even though you may love the people in a small village in Africa you will never love them quite like you will your own children.  Although, there can be naked natives running around in Africa or in your home.  (hopefully that stops after the toddler stage)  This mission field requires just as much sacrifice as moving into a foreign village.  Things like sleep, having your home the way you want it, finances, etc…There is also a bit of culture to learn.  Things like the newest good bands, the current way to style hair, memes, text jargon, etc…

So, that is my current mission field.  I also feel that this will impact our student at Trinity Aviation Academy, as one day they may be called to be a part of this mission field of parenting too.  Speaking of parenting, I have been thinking of doing a bit of a parenting series on the blog.  Let me know if this is something you would like to see.  I don’t know how qualified I am to do this, but I have managed to get one, almost 2 children to adulthood alive so far.  I also managed to learn a few things on the way.


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