Parenting 101

Hmm…so last blog I told you I thought I would try to post a parenting series.  My parenting has changed so much over the years!  It is hard to know where to start.  I think when we first became parents, we read (well, I read)  almost every parenting book out there.  We swung from attachment parenting to cry it out parenting in our quest to be great parents.  I have no idea why our eldest daughter isn’t totally messed up.  We felt that to be great Christian parents, we had to have these small people under control and obedient at all times.  When that didn’t happen all the time, we felt like failures.  Oh, and don’t forget, we home school.  So, I also had to read every book out there on doing that perfectly.  If my kids didn’t read as early as others, I felt bad.  If we didn’t all sit at the table at the same time everyday and learn something, I was failing.

Well, over time God really showed me that I wasn’t failing, but I was doing it wrong.  See, I was relying on different programs and methods made by men to teach me how to do this parent thing.  Now, some of these have great advice, but I wasn’t asking God how I should parent my children.  Until some of the things from the programs didn’t work with one child or the other, I don’t think I every would have learned to rely on God.  It dawned on me one day that God made these children, so He should know how they need to be parented.  He gave them to me (I’m not sure what he was thinking), and so He would show me what they needed.  No program could do that for me.  Each one of my children is different.

So, here is my anti-program advice:

1. View each of your children as a unique gift from God.  (I know, some are more unique than others:)

2. Pray specifically for each child.  “God, how do I parent this one?”

3. Don’t expect a formula-it won’t even be the same answer or rules for each child (You may hear “It’s not fair”)

4. Spend more time enjoying your children than worrying about them.

5. Stay really close to God.  Really allow Him to show you what great qualities He placed into each child.  (and the great qualities He placed into you)

Well, that sums it up.  I will spend some time expanding on the main points in my next blog.

Hope and Girls-5750


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