Missions Monday-YWAM

So, as I am sure you have noticed we often reference a group called YWAM.  (Youth With a Mission)  Well, they are near and dear to our hearts, as they were the ones who got us started in ministry.  Well, except for my mom-thanks mom!  Anyway, we love YWAM and most of the missionaries we introduce you to on Missions Monday are YWAMers.  Even our daughter is a YWAMer.  Anyway, I tried to imbed this great video to explain YWAM a little better, but it won’t imbed, so here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz0EesM-G04#action=share

YWAM is basically awesomesauce!  That’s like awesome applesauce!  Which reminds me of second grade when we mixed peanut butter with applesauce. It was super yummy!  That has nothing really to do with this post, but you should try it sometime anyway.  10633379_10205653700008944_805243229875721225_o

We have met so many wonderful people through our YWAM connections.  Here is a recent pic of us with some YWAMers.  They do all kinds of things for God’s kingdom.  One has done mid-wifery, one will be staffing a counseling school soon, and one teaches emergency medical techniques (and has been involved in YWAM for 30 years).  We are pleased as pie to be able to rub elbows with all these great leaders!

If you or anyone you know is thinking of getting involved in mission, YWAM is worth checking into!  I would totally recommend a Discipleship Training School (DTS) for anyone that wants to dedicate 6 months of their life to getting to know God better to find out what special calling He has planned for them.


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