Parenting 102-My Awesome Parents!

Before I go any further in my parenting series, I want to take some time to talk about my wonderful parents.  This Monday, I celebrated my 40th birthday.  Wow!  I don’t feel that old, and that makes my parents really old.  (sorry, Mom)

Anyway, my parents are the best!  The Lord laid it on their hearts 40 some years ago to have  a baby girl, but not in the same way they had their sons.  He led them to adopt a child that needed a home.  Adoption is truly special to God. (not that having babies the normal way isn’t)  There are many children that need the love and support that a Christian home can give them.  I was one of those.

My biological mother was still a child herself, and I can’t imagine what my life would have been like had she not done the unselfish thing and given me up so I could have the life I had.  I have total respect for her for doing that. Often people ask me if I want to try to find her, and when I was younger I did desire to meet her. My parents supported me in this, even if it was hard for them to do. I got a little older and the desire left me. I wasn’t missing anything in my life. My parents were my parents, and that is enough for me.

So, how did they manage to raise a kid as awesome as me? Well, it wasn’t always easy. I am quite different from them, and I’m sure they had a tough time relating to me. The main thing though is that they always loved and supported me. Even when I was 16! I recently told my mom thanks for still loving me when I was 16. Can you tell I have teenagers? LOL

My parents had some great wisdom about when to offer advice and when to let me figure things out on my own. One of the best tips I remember was soon after I got married. Something Tad had done had upset me. (You know it happens!) I went to my mom to talk about it, and she stopped me. She said she always wants to love her son in law, so she would not listen to me complain about him. She didn’t want to take sides. (I know she would have taken mine-right?) She would recommend a good marriage counselor if we needed it, but she wouldn’t give marriage advice to us. You know what? That was super wise! My parents still have a great relationship with my husband. (and we didn’t really need marriage counselors)

I also, remember when I was younger and my mom had a sewing business. I decided I wanted to learn to sew too. After my injury with the sewing machine, she explained to me that God made some people good at certain things and other people good at different things. I was good at different things. (She think I should write a book, now-it’s much safer than sewing) She told me she was sure one day I would find out what those different things were. She also told me to be sure to marry a man that can cook and sew-I did.

To sum up, my parents are the best! They loved me for who God made me to be and didn’t try to force me to be what they wanted me to be. They are proud of who I have become and my dad always gives me “noisy” hugs whenever I see him. I hope that when I am all grown up (nope, I’m not yet at 40) my kids will think I am the best too.


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