Missions Monday-Update from the Keene’s in Thailand-Lessons Learned

I did a blog a few months ago on good friends of ours who had just moved to Thailand to follow the Lord’s call in their lives. I got a pleasant surprise at Christmas time when Becky called me while I was in the grocery store. It was so great to hear from her! 10847771_10152988055943706_362584798596599536_n

Well, today I saw a blog post they wrote for their church in Seattle, and although it wasn’t as great as a phone call, it was like talking to them again. They wrote a great post about following your call. The words are full of wisdom. Many people think that if they follow God’s call everything will be wonderful from there on out. Um, not so much. Doing what God calls you to is hard! It could be defined as terribly wonderful. I think the having Christmas in shorts part would be wonderful, and it’s terrible that I am not there. 10487197_803756979666227_2041251672278549549_n

Here is a link to the blog with the lessons about following your call that the Keenes have learned in the few months they have lived in Thailand. http://www.fcaministers.com/9-lessons-learned-about-following-your-call/#.VNTuKNX3-iw If you are currently following a call of the Lord or just figuring it out, I hope you will read it and take it to heart.

To read more or follow along with the Keene family, here is their blog http://keeneskorner.net/about/


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