Missions Monday-A Missionary in Training to Fly for the Lord

Today, I am featuring a future missionary-Andrew. DrewWell, he is a missionary right now because he encourages people wherever he is, but he is in training to be an overseas missionary. He is one of our current missionary pilot students at Trinity Aviation Academy http://trinityaviation.org/.

“For years it has been a dream of mine to go into the mission field to bring the
message of Messiah. I used to love to listen to my dear friend Jay Brossard
tell me about his experiences as a missions pilot and the miracles he
witnessed. Of course life gets in the way, making us too busy to follow our
dreams. I spent many years studying law and the differences between rights
and privileges and what it means to be a free man living in a “free” country.
But what is physical freedom if we are not spiritually free? That is only
accomplished through Messiah and truly giving ourselves over to what we
were made for. Upon much prayer and scripture examination it was revealed to me that if we are
truly His ministers then we are to serve Him and do His will, not our own. If we believe the whole Bible, then we need to follow the example of Messiah. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 11:1 “Be imitators of me, as I am of Messiah”. Messiah was not worried about what Rome was doing. He was the walking, talking, living Torah in the flesh who only did the will of the Father. John 14:15 says “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” After much prayer and wise counsel from ones I love and trust, I decided to pursue the direction I believe my Father and Creator had originally meant for me, my original design. I am now living in Eatonville while attending TAA. Dan Mulkey is my A&P instructor and Andy Swineford is my flight instructor. They both have huge hearts to serve the Creator and do His will. They give their time to get me prepared for the mission field. I look forward to seeing how the Father is going to use me for His glory as well as how He will continue to use and bless these men and their families.”

If you would like to encourage Andrew, send a note to:
Andrew Gray, PO Box 367, Eatonville, Washington 98328.
http://trinityaviation.org/ trinity.aviation.academy@gmail.com


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