It’s Our Anniversary!


Well, I was planning to have this done for Missions Monday, but Tuesday is good right? Or is it Wednesday? I don’t know anymore. Anyway, we are celebrating 5 years of ministry. Woot! Yep, 5 years ago we left the land of our fathers to go to the place the Lord would show us. Okay, that’s closer to Abraham’s story, but we did leave and now we are here. So, there.

I came across a post on the five stages of a pastor’s ministry and have adapted it a bit here since we aren’t pastors.

Year 1: Honeymoon. Yep, the first year of our ministry was awesome! We traveled, we learned more about walking in faith, we met cool people…

Years 2 and 3: Conflicts and Challenges. Yep, that happened too. Our daughter was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. We had to keep moving from house to house. Our money from Tad’s previous job was running out. Our rental home in Ohio was empty, which meant no money. Yup, hard stuff.

Years 4 and 5. Crossroads, Part 1. We have had that too. Deciding if we were going to stay in ministry when so many challenges kept coming into our lives. Should Tad get a corporate job again? I often wondered if I can just go back. Go home. I mean, we served this long. That’s pretty good, right?

Years 6 to 10: Fruit and Harvest. Oh, I’d like to stick around and see this part. Wouldn’t you? That sound like what we signed up for. So, I guess we will see at our 10 year ministry anniversary just what that harvest looks like.

Well, realizing that the harvest may just be around the corner has encouraged me. I hope that it will encourage you too. If you are in ministry of being called into ministry, don’t stop short of the finish line and miss the harvest. I think this must be why the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. It’s tough to stick it out! I think it will be worth it, though!


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