Missions Monday-First Report from Saige

DSC00264Once again, I got to go to one of my favorite places.  the Lord’s land in Northern California.  This time, I got to go get my favorite missionary and bring her back home!  She had an awesome outreach, including turning 18 in Southeast Asia.   (I managed to sneak a gift to her through one of her team mates.)  Here is part one of her update…

“My team was warmly welcomed back at the Lord’s Land, where we graduated DTS, and then I was again welcomed with open arms back at my home in Washington. My youngest sister even made me breakfast! It’s good to be home and I’m very excited to tell you all about my adventures! I’ll be doing this in parts, so get ready for frequent newsletters with pictures and stories from Southeast Asia!

My team had great favor for the entire trip, and this started in the airport in San Francisco. We were originally going to make the sixteen hour flight in economy class, but at the airport all seventeen of us were upgraded to business! Most of us had never flown in business class, so we were amazed at the luxury. We were blessed with our own little alcoves, leather seats that would lay all the way back into a bed, personal TV screens, and delicious meals during the flight. That sixteen hours was much more comfortable and went by way faster than we were expecting.

The favor of the Lord was still on us when we landed in country and attended a youth conference. We were the prayer team, but were treated like honored guests. In Southeast Asia they honor people by placing white scarves around their necks. We were honored in this way, as well as given special seats and a private place to take our meals. We were expecting to sit on the floor and eat our meals with the youth, as well as serve in more practical ways, but God used us powerfully as a prayer team.”


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