Unsocialized? Not these homeschoolers!


This past weekend, I went to Northern California to bring home our eldest daughter, Saige.  She has spent the last 6 months in missions training and then putting that training into practice on a trip to Southeast Asia.

They had a graduation service on Sunday night.  Several young people gave testimony from their trip overseas.  (Including Saige) Something struck me during this time.  12 out of 17 of them had been homeschooled at some point in their lives.  Some of them never attended school.

I have often heard people who are concerned that homeschooled kids will be unsocialized, not develop good leadership skills, and be poor public speakers.  Also, people have said that our kids will not become independent from us after being homeschooled so long.  Um, let’s see…these kids I was just with all left their homes to do this school.  One came all the way from Haiti.  They spent 5.5 months together.  They traveled through California attending conferences.  One at UCLA Berkeley had around 1000 people in attendance.

Then, they headed overseas to bring the gospel to a dark place in Southeast Asia. They prayed for people during large meetings and in small home settings.  They taught children about the Lord through games and dance.  Some of them hiked into the mountains for several days to get to villages where people needed encouraged.  Oh, and most of the people they met didn’t speak English.

Seems to me like the myth is debunked.  No need to get Mythbusters involved.  They all showed independence form their families, leadership skills, good social skills, and preached the Good news publicly.  Most of all, they showed God’s love to lost people.

P.S.  My daughter is quite independent, but still needs me to cut her pizza…LOL.  Maybe she will learn that by age 20. 20150301_191536


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