Missions Monday-The Taylor’s

1229907_10151597613266516_20059285_nToday for missions Monday, I am featuring a family that may feel surprised to be featured for this-the Taylors.   They may not feel that they are even missionaries, but they are.  One of the definitions of a missionary is someone who ministers in the area of service, and this certainly fits the Taylor’s to a tee.

This family specializes in offering hospitality to missionaries that come through their neck of the woods.  They even hosted another family of six for many months as they prepared to go overseas.  They offered not only a place to stay, but partner with missionaries in prayer.  They provide a place of community and rest.  In fact, their house in nicknamed YWAM Tacoma.

There is so much I could say about how they have helped our family.  They have fed us, hugged us, and encouraged us.  They have given my kids true friendships that will last a lifetime.  (us adults too)

Most recently, Patty took time out of her life to attend Saige’s DTS graduation in California where she was going to encourage 6 different young people who have spent time in their home.  She offered us her vehicle to drive us there, as our van may not make the trip.  We laughed so much that weekend that my ribs hurt by the time I got home.  We even went through multiple drive through car washes just for the entertainment it brought. 10993480_10152647036896516_8492074685115843758_nDid you know that there were so many pretty colors and lights in a car wash?

I thank God for this family!  If you can’t go into the mission field full time, think about how you could be a place of rest, restoration, and laughter for others as they transition on or off the mission field.


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