Remember the Ants!

Lots of Christians are familiar with the scripture form Proverbs 6:6 “Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!”  Well, that has taken on a totally new meaning at my house recently.  One of my children (I won’t mention names), has always had to learn things for himself.  He (ooops, just gave it away:)  has always disregarded most advice until he gets himself into a bit of a pickle.  For example, several times I have mentioned that if he doesn’t keep his room cleaner and free of leftover food stuff, he would attract bugs to his room.  Did that advice help?  No.  Well, that is not until today.

Today, when he decided to take a gulp from an opened can that he had in his room he got a mouth full of ants.  One even bit the inside of his cheek!  Yes, I cracked up laughing when he told me.  I don’t think I am a bad parent for that either.  I think he is learning that I don’t tell him things just to be mean and cramp his style (or to make him clean up).  I tell him things because I have earned wisdom along with the gray hairs he is giving me.

Aren’t we like that sometime?  God warns us what may happen if we continue to disobey Him in certain areas of our lives, and we don’t really listen.  We think we can do our own thing and leave our messes around and nothing will happen.  Well, guess what…you may get a mouth full of ants!

how bout a nice hot cup of fire ants. my name is OP and I am a faggot... I feel obligated to say something funny and related to this content due to my name...


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