Missions Monday-Child Like Faith

This is another update from our daughter who recently returned from Southeast Asia…add8283d-521b-4034-8fec-bff3a48622cf

Luke 18:17 talks about receiving the kingdom of God like a child. I had the opportunity to witness actual children receive the kingdom of God in a very sweet way. We (my team and our translator) had gathered a group of children that came from Hindu and Buddhist homes. I was able to share the gospel story with them, which was my first time sharing the gospel with someone who wasn’t already a Christian. After I shared every single child accepted Jesus into their hearts. I was amazed! Then one of my other teammates taught the kids about the Holy Spirit. The children understood what she was saying and wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so we filled them!
The next day we went back to spend more time teaching the kids. There was one little boy who hadn’t been there the day before, and I noticed he wasn’t fully participating in the games and songs we were doing. Eventually our translator asked him what was wrong. “My arm is dislocated,” the little boy told him. Our translator beckoned to us and asked us to pray for him, but we decided to let the kids pray for him. After all, they had just been filled with the Holy Spirit. The kids gathered around the little boy and prayed earnestly for him to be healed. The boy definitely had some spiritual activity going on as he was prayed for; but after the kids had prayed three times, he was completely healed and delivered! With wide eyes he started moving his arm in ways he couldn’t have before. My team and I were amazed, but the rest of the kids weren’t. They were excited, but acted as if the healing was exactly what they expected to happen. After all, we had taught them that they could heal others in Jesus’ name, so of course the little boy got healed! Their faith was strong even though they had only known the name of Jesus for 24 hours; even though they were young; even though their families were still Hindus or Buddhists. These little kids inspired me for the rest of the trip to expect miracles, and I did! I saw miracle after miracle, and I wish I could tell you about every single one.
Receiving the Holy Spirit
Praying to Jesus

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