IMAG0087We have had colds at our house, so I haven’t blogged in a while.  My daughter wrote this though, so I thought I would share it here…

“This past weekend my parents went out of town, so I was home with the other kids…and the cat, bunny, and ten baby chickens. The chicks were fairly new and belonged to my sisters, who cared for and loved them. I, on the other hand, had no attachment to them.
     One of the chicks got sick near the beginning of the weekend. The poor little chick (Lydia named her Penguin) was lying motionless but still breathing. I separated her from the other chicks so she wouldn’t get picked on, and we ended up helping her to eat and drink several times throughout the day. I prepared Faith and Lydia for the possibility that she might not make it through the night, although I would get up and feed and water her. They said a prayer over the chick before bed. Before heading to bed myself I helped the chick eat and drink again, and found myself getting sad as she refused to eat. I didn’t know why I felt sad…My brother and I raised chickens when we were young and it’s normal to lose a couple while they’re young; I also had no attachment to this one since I wasn’t the one raising her.
     Then I realized the real reason I was sad: I knew that if the chick died, my sisters would be upset, even to the point of tears, and I didn’t want them to feel that way.
     Later I was thinking that how I felt about wanting the chick to live because my sisters loved it might be a very small fraction of how God feels about us. He loves us so much, much more than I could ever love my sisters (which is a lot!), so He cares about what we care about and wants good things for us. He even cares about the little things, like one out of ten chicks dying. How amazing is that?
      Have you ever experienced something similar or had little revelations of God’s love? I’d love to hear about then!

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