Easter Time Blessings

Did you know we have our own Easter bunny?

Did you know we have our own Easter bunny?

Well, I pray you all had a happy Easter!  We received several blessings that we weren’t expecting this year.  First, my husband took the girls to an egg hunt on Saturday, and he brought some of the girls friends home to play.  I was to be gone all day, so he was being a brave man for having 4 kids under the age of 12 here.  Then, another friend asked if her kids could play too.  He said yes.  Crazy man!  I reminded him to make sure to check on the boys more often than he has to with our girls.  We do live at the airport and boys are so drawn to the planes!  Anyway, when our friends picked the kids up, they brought a ham, veggies, desserts, and a lovely flower for our Easter.  So sweet!

Then, on Monday, we were donated a car.  Yep, a car!  We desperately needed this as we have 3 driver (4 in August) and only 2 cars.  Our cars also tend to be a bit fussy and don’t want to work quite right all the time.  This new addition should keep us on the road and provide Saige a safe way to get to work and back.  Did I mention she got a job?  At my favorite Sushi place!   Yum!

Our Easter time was sweet.  It has been a tough transition to have holidays without extended family around.  I got baskets for each of the kids.  My husband finds it strange that the older kids still get them.  I don’t intend to stop though.  It’s too much fun!  We hide the baskets and give them clues to find them.  Yes, even our 18 year old has to hunt with her clue.  Then, we went to church and enjoyed fellowship with our church family.  Then, we had one of the flight students come join us for Easter dinner.

What are your Easter traditions?


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