Missions Monday-Minister Wherever God Has You

I don't recommend taking teen boys in public:)

I don’t recommend taking teen boys in public:)

This past weekend, our house was quite crowded.  We had 6 teen boys come for a LAN party. I don’t remember what that stands for, but it’s a computer party where they hook them together to play games.  These boys were part of my son’s scout troop, and he is currently in charge of arranging fun things for them to do.  It takes a lot of patience and food to have that many boys around, but we tend to have a group quite often.

Why is this part of a Missions Monday?  I think that by opening our home and fridge to my son and his friends is a type of mission field.  They want to get together, and we are crazy enough to let it be here.  I think that by showing that we care about the boys, we are ministering to them.   For some of them, having my husband help them hook their computer lines up and then play with them is a good example of a man laying down his time for others.  (yes, of course my husband stays up late playing video games with them:)

I hope the boys learn about hospitality through us extending our home and food to them.  I hope one day some of them will think of my husband or I as adults they can open up to when life gets tough.  I pray we are showing them an example of a Godly couple, and that they will remember that one day when they are married themselves.

We love having all our kids friends come to our house!  It is a different type of mission field, but it is so rewarding!  Are you willing to open your doors to a group of hungry boys?  (Have I mentioned that teen boys eat a lot?)


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