Cleaning Out Closets

IMAG0147 (2)I have currently been spending some time every day cleaning stuff out in our house.  Since we haven’t lived in it in the past couple of years, it has kind of been used as a storage place for us.  It feels good to clean stuff out.  Since we moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, it seems like we are constantly cleaning stuff out.  We have learned to live with less and less stuff, and it often seems silly to us when we have things that we don’t use.  Even the flight school has been cleaning out hangers recently.

Why does it feel good to clean stuff out?  I think it is a physical representation of how Christ wants us to live on the inside.  He give a warning in Matthew about us being like whitewashed tombs-clean and looking good on the outside, but full of death and unclean things on the inside.  We need to take the time to clean out our real houses-ourselves.  If the Lord is to dwell inside of us, we need to move the old junk out.  It can be hard.  Some of our stuff has been there so long, we don’t even notice it anymore.  Some stuff is bolted to the floor, and when it is moved out it will leave an ugly hole.

You know what though?  It’s worth it.  The more we allow the Lord to move the old junk out, the more of Him we allow to move in and take over.  The holes become filled with His love, grace, and forgiveness.  Are you wiling to clean out more than just your literal closets this spring?  Ask Him to show you where He wants to move in more.


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