Worker Bees

A couple of months ago, I had a great idea.  You see, ever since our house was donated a couple of years back, we have been trying to remodel it to make it how we want it.  It seems to take forever to really do much with it with kids, homeschooling, ministry, etc…it gets put on the back burner.  I was lamenting how tired I was of being in a space that isn’t finished when this idea hit me.  What if I had my parents come for the purpose of helping to finish up the main rooms.  My dad loves wood working and my mom has great decorating ideas.  My husband and I don’t really have talents in either area.  So, I invited my parents to fly out from Ohio to visit and help us get some of the work done.

It was a real blessing to have my parents work with us to finish our house.  Especially, to have my dad here finishing up lots of our trim.  You see, we almost lost him in 2007 when he fell in his barn while trying to finish up a room to do his woodworking hobby in.  It was only by the grace of God that he is able to be here and put that hobby to use.  You can read the whole story about his accident and recovery here…  It is truly a miracle!

Here is some of the work we did…

My cool new kitchen back splash! It's so fun that I can move hooks around to hang stuff.

My cool new kitchen back splash! It’s so fun that I can move hooks around to hang stuff.


My dad trimmed all the doors and floor boards in our main rooms. It looks so nice now.

Aren't they cute working together?

Aren’t they cute working together?

One thing really cool that happened was that my mom painted a picture for my living room wall.  She used to be quite the artist (still is), and I have been wishing I  had some of her artwork here.  So, we found a picture I like, took a picture of it and got the supplies for her to paint it.  We used a really big old canvas that had a different picture on it and painted over it to create the new one.  I love having it hanging there signed by her.

IMAG0306My girls had to get in on the painting action too.                              IMAG0301 (1)And of course, we did take a day to have some fun!  I took them to the Pacific Ocean.  IMAG0308 (1)It was a great visit!  And now my house is extra special because I have reminders of my parents in it.

P.S.  At home, my parents make adorable life size people that sit on the porch.  They are made in the same barn where my dad almost lost his life.  You should check out their website here…


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