Adventures in Homeschooling-Math Month

Wow!  This past year has brought some major family changes.  Our eldest is all moved out and into an apartment with 2 other dancers from the ballet company.  Our son started at a local Technical College this past week.  So, that just leaves me the younger 2 girls at home to teach.  With only 2, I hope I don’t get bored.  Nah!  I have a good year planned out.

You see, I had a rather bright idea when talking to a fellow homeschooling mom last year.  She said kids do better to only learn 1 thing at a time.  Now, I think she meant it a bit differently than I took it, but I sat down and did some thinking.  What if I only taught 1 subject at a time?  We have done it where I just taught a subject for each day of our school week. (Math on Mondays, History on Tuesday…)  But something quite different was brewing in my head.

What if each subject got a month.  Yes, a whole month dedicated to really focusing on 1 subject.  I looked on my calendar and figured out that each subject that I am teaching at home this year could have a month 2 different times during our year.  So, as any good homeschool mom would do, I have set out to experiment on my kids.  I only have 2 left to mess with, you know.

So, September has been Math Month!  We love, love, love Life of Fred Math  math   In fact, we started a bit earlier than we would have for the year, because my girls were begging to get going.  Some days, they keep begging to do another lesson…and another…  We have been playing math games, and trying to use any math that comes up in life.  We have measured to see if Faith was tall enough to get on fair rides yet-converting inches into feet.  (she wasn’t tall enough, but we have special ways of adding a couple of inches:)  IMAG0472 We have used math in the grocery to see if we have enough money for something.  We figured out if we could afford to go to the TobyMac concert.  (We went, and they loved it!)

So, now we are finishing up math for the month.  I have encouraged them to keep on the lookout for math everywhere this month.  My youngest came home from co-op (where they take some enrichment classes on Friday), and informed me that she was shocked that there was math in her sewing class.  She wasn’t too pleased about it.  I explained that really math is everywhere.  She complained that it should NOT be in sewing, because she really wants to sew.  Obviously, she doesn’t want to do math.  Then the next day, she woke up and asked how many lessons of Fred we could do.  I told her it was Saturday, so we didn’t need to.  “But I want to”, she replied.  Hmmm…maybe this is working.  She seems to be getting some motivation.

So far, doing one subject per month is a success!  I love that I can focus on the subject and really find great ways to make it apply to them.  They seem to be doing well with not too many things to focus on at a time.


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