A Long Hike

A couple weeks ago, we went on our first family backpacking trip.  Well, 5 of us, since our eldest no longer lives at home.  I was excited to do this, as the family camping trip we planned for August wound up being girls only, as my son’s work schedule changed at the last minute.  Also, I have wanted to try backpacking forever.

Our trip reminded me of parenting.  At first, you get all geared up, and feeding them seems like a really big deal.  (I totally over packed food for the trip)  Then, it is quite of bit of walking where you may feel loaded down.

My gang all set to go!

My gang all set to go!

It’s fun, but it’s a lot to shoulder, and you get weary.  (Think active toddler here) You may wish for rest-good luck with that.  IMAG0460

Then you reach more of a destination.  Seems like you can set up camp here for a while-between age of 7 and 12ish.   IMAG0469IMAG0455IMAG0461Then,things change.  It gets dark.  The kids get hairy and scary.  IMAG0470 (1)Welcome to the teen years.  It also can get cold.  The little one who once said they would always live with you, is pulling away.  Sometimes, that’s okay with you, and other times you just want to hold on to them forever.  It’s a long, sleepless night.  Then, it seems like the next morning, you pack stuff up and carry them to the next location.  Adulthood.  Hopefully, even if the hike was long and hard, you have made good memories along the way.  They will be glad for the times you pushed them to keep going, and for all the times you told them to stay on the trail.


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