Simple Reminder

My eldest interviewed her little sister for her blog. So cute!

dancing for his majesty

My sister, Faith, is taking ballet classes at Surrendered School of the Arts this year (the school under Paradosi), and it’s been so fun seeing her grow to love dancing.

Isn't she cute? Isn’t she cute?

Just for fun, I asked her some questions about her class and what she’s been learning. Faith has a very straightforward, simple outlook on life and doesn’t try to complicate things. Her honest, uncomplicated answers are a great reminder of why I dance and where my perspective should be.

Why do you love dance?

“I don’t know.  I just like to.  I like to worship God in a special way with people in my class.”

What’s your favorite part about class?

“My favorite part about class is when we go to one side of the room and dance in a diagonal line to the other side.”

What do you think it means to be a dancer?

“It means to be a follower of Christ…

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