How You Can Pray

First, some praises!

After some struggle with red tape, our student Andrew got his medical certificate squared away.

Last week, we had a good visit with 2 prospective students.  Pray the Lord would lead them to where he would have them get training to get out there on the field.

Funds have been starting to trickle in for Saige.  She was able to take off a half day from work on Saturday.  It was a much needed rest for her after the Paradosi Ballet benefit on Friday night.

For prayer:
We have an individual interested in becoming potential staff member. Adding to our staff has been a prayer here for quite some time.

Our student Isaac takes his private pilot check ride this coming Saturday.  This will have an oral and a flight test. Pray for good weather and that he does well.

Tad’s class that was to start last Monday cancelled.  Also, some farm sitting that I had scheduled.  That puts us under some financial strain entering the holiday season.

Pray for the sale of our home in Ohio.  It will be on the market shortly. If it sells quickly, it will alleviate the financial strain.

Thanks!  And God bless you!

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