We are Tad and Hope Henry and we serve at Trinity Aviation Academy in Eatonville, Washington, training missionary pilots and mechanics.

 Missionary pilots bring humanitarian aid and the good news of the gospel to people in need, flying into the hard-to-reach corners of the earth. They keep missionaries in remote locations supplied with what they need to serve, often bringing medical supplies in or transporting patients out to receive critical medical care. Missionary pilots also bring in Bibles translated into the native tongue and ministers to teach the people the gospel.

Here at Trinity Aviation Academy we train pilots and mechanics to do this, but we especially focus on making them missionaries first and aviators second. We teach them to use their God-given gifts through prayer, knowledge of the Bible, discipleship, and encouragement to be used by God as missionaries serving as pilots and mechanics.

This really is the hard part. The truth is, we can train just about anybody to be a pilot. It takes God working through us and in us to train students to be missionaries. Our hearts’ desire is to send them into all the world as missionaries who also happen to fly and fix airplanes.

We first moved from Lancaster, Ohio in early 2010 to serve with Trinity as full-time missionary staff. Tad does the administration and IT for the school and manages the students’ training overall, as well as teaching the students’ ground schools and helping disciple them. Once he finishes some ongoing certification, he will be the chief flight instructor for Trinity.

Hope home schools our four children, not only teaching them academics, but also how to live like Christ and live with total faith in God, preparing them for their individual callings. Our oldest daughter, Saige, graduated this year and will begin her own ministry and walk out God’s plan for her life, going into full time missions under YWAM.

Our school property has been under construction as we are building dorms and classrooms for our students. It will soon be fully functional and our family will be able to live on-site, side by side with the students to let them see Jesus through our example in our everyday life.

Please join us in praying for the current and future students of Trinity Aviation Academy, and help us send them into all the world to bring the Word of God to every tribe, tongue, and nation.

Visit our Facebook page for a video overview of our work.




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