The Kids




Saige, our eldest, graduated from homeschooling last spring and is currently attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in CA under Youth With A Mission. She is our dancer, and earned most of her fees for her DTS teaching a ballet class in our local community.  She has a heart for orphans in Asia and aspires to serve there full time one day.  Updates for her will be posted regularly on the blog. You can also search the categories under Saige’s Updates and this will bring up each update that has been posted.








Elias is our second oldest. He is working with his dad at the aviation academy part time while finishing up his high school credits at the local high school. He loves ice cream, pizza, and all the other foods only a teenage boys metabolism can handle. He can run circles around me when it comes to computers, and hopes to someday work in the computer industry.







Our next child is Faith. She is a true miracle from God, as she is one of the 2% of girls that survive to birth with Turner Sydrome. She is sweet and is always handing out hugs to anyone who is willing to receive them. In this way, she lavishes the love of God on everyone she comes in contact with. She loves her cheer leading class at her home school co-op, plays soccer, and is doing well in her home school studies.







This is Lydia, the baby and a spicy one at that. She says whatever she is thinking and this often causes us much laughter in our home. She loves art and her cat, Ahri.


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